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Tax problems come in many flavors:

  • Unpaid back taxes,
  • siezed bank accounts
  • wage garnishments
  • tax liens on home and property
  • unfiled back tax returns
  • IRS tax audits

Don't be scared into hiring a tax professional:

  • Is a tax company scaring you and taking advantage of your fear?
  • Are they are using your sense of urgency and your fear to sell you?
  • You don't need a hard sell! You need a soulution that you can understand so you feel in control and very importantly...
  • You need a solution you can afford.

Isn't it hard to make sense of paying a lot of money to a tax professional when that very money can be used toward getting the IRS off your back.

At TaxULess we believe that most taxpayers can solve their tax debt problems if they have the tools and knowlege they need. That is why we developed the TaxULess Tax Resolution System.  A system you can use to settle your IRS tax debt.

It is a simple, step by step method that is understandable and easy to follow.

You find the things you must know in easy to understand Video and

you learn how to do the things you need to do in text and video.

We show you how to get the information you need from the IRS,

information you canu use to solve your problem.

In short we will show you how to do everything a tax professional will do for you only you will do it better.

  • You will prepare the forms you must file with the IRS.
  • You will know how to make calculations the IRS is making.
  • You will have a tax plan and completed materials and forms to get your plan into action.

Sometimes the IRS doesn't agree so we don't stop here. We will show you how to appeal and just so you know, by the IRS's own account, over 50% of Offer in Compromise Appeals are approved, usually with minor adjustments. That is 50% for all offers.....your offer isn't just any old offer, it is a well planned, well documented offer that will have a very high likelyhood of approval. How can we say that? Because we have seen ordinary people, people like you, do it time and again.


Since 2004

TaxULess has been helping people who owe the IRS back taxes for 14 years.

At TaxULess we strive to help taxpayers overcome all of the barriers to solving their back tax problems because we believe that many taxpayers if not most taxpayers, are better served by solving their own problems themselves.

We do not believe that the taxpayer must have a high IQ and a college degree to solve their tax problems. What you need is information, tools that employ information within a well thought out plan. A plan that is founded on a solid strategy. A strategy that is likely to work.

TaxULess provides organized information explained in easy to understand language and where we must use technical language we provide definitions as we go so instead of feeling talked at you are well informed about the things you must know.

We understand that information written in bureaucrat-speak or "legal-eze" is not just hard to follow but extremely annoying.

We do however want to be sure you have all the information you need to get the job done, so we provide up to date videos you can use to know what forms to prepare and we show you how to get the forms and  the necessary documents that you will file with the IRS(send to the IRS) and we show you how to prepare the forms, line by line.

We are dedicated totally to helping you resolve your back-tax problems yourself and this sets us apart from other tax-practiioners.

But the main reason you should do-it-yourself is not merely to save the money, No!, the main reason is because you can do it better because you are closest to the problems which also makes you the best person to find the solution that works the best for you.

TaxULess has a fully developed 11-step process for tax-resolution that results in the most optimal, tailormade outcome for you and your family.

Our philosophy is simply that you can do it better if you are working on your own problems. Our job is to help you do the work you must do for your best outcome. It is a simple as that.


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