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Our Story

TaxULess is designed by a CPA who has worked for many years helping people work themselves out of Income Tax Problems.

Taxpayers face multiple barriers when trying to resolve their tax back tax problem. There is a confusing web of laws, rules and regulations to learn and forms that are difficult to prepare.

Hiring a professional is financially prohibitive for someone already deeply in debt.

The goal here at TaxULess is to empower you, the taxpayer with the information and tools you need to settle your tax and do it for a very affordable amount.

TaxULess is an "open source" platform in that we are open to ideas and changes to our system from people who use the platform and tax professionals including CPAs, Enrolled Agents and attorneys.

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Meet the Team

Ralph Sayers, CPA, has helped thousands of individuals and businesses with all sorts of tax and financial matters since he was certified in 1975.

A deep experience in helping people work out of IRS tax debt is the source for insight to create a system of information and tools that is easy to understand and that an average person can use.


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