You will find out how to research your record:
  • Find the problems in your IRS history, your "compliance history".
  • Learn how to to bring yourself into compliance.
  • Find out the least tax returns you need to file. It may be fewer than you think.
  • Find out how much money you owe for each year and very importantly....
  • Find out when your debt expires, yes when it completely drops off because of the Statute of Limitations.
  • Learn how to understand the very important rules of the Statute of Limitations so you can talk intelligently and powerfully to the IRS about your tax account.
  • Find out where you stand in the IRS collection process.
  • You will find out how to get IRS to release a levy on your bank account and how to stop the IRS from issuing a levy in the first place.  You will contact the IRS armed with knowledge so you can force them to follow procedures and protect your rights.
  •  If your case is not in a critical status you will find out whether it is best to move fast or slow. Entry point timing can be critical for your optimal resolution, for example when you know exactly how the Statute of Limitations affects your account you will know better about when to proceed.
  • Find out how to track your case through the IRS process maze until completion. How to regularly follow up to make sure your case is moving along.
  • You will learn how to package your resolution to sign and forward to the government and how to track it.
  • You will learn to stick with your case even if at first turned down. How to appeal a failed offer-in-compromise - a very high percentage of cases are resolved in appeals.... and if appeals fails you will learn how to get into uncollectible status or a managed plan with the IRS... a plan you can afford, and very possibly still get back taxes removed by virtue of the statute of limitations. The Taxuless system leaves no stones unturned.
  • If you feel you need to talk to a tax professional you can schedule a telephone appointment for a very reasonable rate and you only pay for the time you use and at a discounted rate. If you are not entirely happy, you don't pay. No questions asked.
    You can correspond with a direct phone line and email.